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Our System for Consistently Delivering Kick-A** Results

A straightforward philosophy that has proven successful through multiple ad platform changes.

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Great Websites

Even with the best campaign managers in the world, your Ads won't work without a website or landing page that can convert. The difference between converting 100/1000 and 300/1000 people is massive for any business, and we have a wide variety of tools to make sure sites are performing above industry standards.

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Great Content

This is the most important element of any digital campaign. With interest targeting and 3rd party data going away, the only way to reach your ideal prospects is with worthwhile creative that leaves a lasting impression. Stop settling for spammy Ads. Use our system for developing revenue-accelerating content that your customers will rave about.

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Great People

Having 10+ years of experience working with over 500 businesses, we’ve built a network of marketing superstars who love what they do and genuinely care about delivering exceptional results. Be confident you are working with the best in the business, because we won't settle for anything less.

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We are honest with you. We push you to be better. We want to see you do awesome things.

Why Happy Hub Marketing?

Premium Benefits

All strategies are tailored to each client’s unique goals and business challenges.

Marketing Strategy Optimized Towards Revenue

The way people research and purchase products has changed dramatically in the past year. To win in 2024, you need to communicate with customers on a variety of channels and figure out where your audience prefers to discover new products and services. This cutting-edge strategy uses revenue, NOT CLICKS, as the primary performance indicator to ensure all marketing actions are best for your business.

Easy-to-Understand Reporting & Time Saving Mindset

"What went well? What went wrong? How do we improve what went wrong?" We keep reporting as simple as that and strive to give you time BACK in your schedule. We are experts at working independently with your best interests in mind, and are able to execute even complicated deliverables with much fewer meetings.

Transparent Feedback You Can Rely On

We don't tell clients what they want to hear, we tell them what they need to hear 🙂. We believe the best performance and least amount of headache comes from direct, transparent feedback. It's critical to work with a marketing partner you can trust, not someone who says "the CTR is so good!" when your revenue is falling. Happy Hub will give it all to you - the good, the bad, and the ugly - so you know exactly what is needed to improve performance.


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What’s the best thing we hear from clients? That they can trust us to give them honest and transparent recommendations. Work with a team of world-class experts who love what they do and who genuinely care about seeing you succeed.

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August 27, 2022

Traditional funnels have an “end” point – the form fill, purchase, download, etc. – without a strategy designed to activate (or re-activate) the customers you fought so hard to get in the first place.