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A proprietary method that has proven successful through numerous market and Ad platform changes.

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Identifying Problems & Conversion Blockers (CRO)

Audience targeting and campaign design determine only 30% of your marketing success. Our team of marketing “doctors” have experience diagnosing every type of problem that could stop your campaign from being successful

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Prioritize Creative and Customer Experience

The most important element in today’s digital world is the content we serve and the experience we provide for your customers. Stop settling for spammy Ads that “work” and power your business with revenue-accelerating content that your customers will rave about

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Having 10+ years of experience working with over 500 businesses, we’ve built a network of marketing superstars who love what they do and genuinely care about delivering exceptional results. We work with Code Crew for email, Passionates for web design, and Linkgraph for SEO - all award-winning experts connected and managed by Happy Hub.

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We improve campaign performance by an average of 100% after the first month

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All strategies are tailored to your unique goals and business challenges.

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy Optimized Towards Revenue

The way people research and purchase products has changed dramatically in the past year. To win in 2023, you need to communicate with customers on a variety of channels and figure out where your audience prefers to discover new products and services. This cutting-edge strategy uses revenue, NOT CLICKS, as the primary performance indicator to ensure all marketing actions are best for your business.

Automated Reporting & Time-Oriented Mindset

Time is the most valuable asset for any business - and we ensure as many of our hours go to your campaign performance (not reporting) as possible. We strive to give you time BACK in your schedule and are experts at working independently with your best interests in mind.

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August 27, 2022

Traditional funnels have an “end” point – the form fill, purchase, download, etc. – without a strategy designed to activate (or re-activate) the customers you fought so hard to get in the first place.