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Chris Suglia

Creative Strategist

With 8+ years of digital marketing experience building storytelling frameworks for SMBs and Fortune 500 Brands, Chris knows the exact recipe to prepare your brand for long-term growth. He started his career as a research consultant at Gartner, where he coached executives on best practices for scaling businesses and retaining top talent. Having a great perspective of how the best companies operate, Chris is able to proactively identify seemingly small problems that will stop your business from scaling.

Chris has spent the last 6 years taking an engineers approach to paid social and has an exceptional understanding of how social algorithms are designed to consistently win the Ad auction. With an adept eye for creative and a background in production, Chris is able to effectively lead our creative partners with revenue-backed recommendations.

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Samantha Shennum

PPC Lead

Previously working for some of the most successful agencies in the country, Samantha has managed 100,000+ PPC campaigns across Google, Bing, and YouTube spending over $100m in advertising spend on the platform. She began her career at iCrossing, where she had the opportunity to work with brands like PetSmart, AAA, and Toyota. Having had the opportunity to manage a high volume of campaigns in essentially every vertical has given her a keen perspective on the most successful tools, strategies, and bid adjustments.

Samantha is a passionate learner, consistently keeping up with Paid Search trends and scoping new features to ensure our clients are prepared for every Google update. Nervous about Web 3.0? Samantha will ensure you are fully prepared to stay ahead and be successful.

our values

In our data-centric world, many forget that we are marketing, or rather communicating, to people.

Being able to tailor unique messages to specific customers is an incredible advantage, but we must never lose sight of the human element. Create content that entertains, provides value, and shows that you are listening. Make your content worthwhile, make them want to watch the Ads.



Taking responsibility for your actions, whether good or bad, is critical to any working relationship. We are transparent about results and specific about what happened. One team mindset.



The only way to stay competitive in the digital world is to test new ideas that are ahead of the curve. Using our experience as a guide, we strive to do things differently and create new trends.



Be clear and provide value. Be patient and understanding of different communication styles. Be passionately curious, ask questions, listen.


Positivity & Support

Take the time to be positive in every interaction. Provide support for wins and losses, pick team members up when they are down.

Happy Hub Network

Best-In-Class Global Talent

We sourced the entire globe to find you the very best designers, analysts, and campaign managers available. All of our exclusive partners are award-winning in their specific fields. As execution experts in our own right, this system allows us to power a centralized strategy with people who are the absolute best at what they do.

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Website Design & Development


Email Marketing

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Programmatic & CTV

Happy Hub Network

Extensive Network of Creative Partners

Complete Suite of Creative Options with Extensive Network of Creators. From Facebook to YouTube, Hulu, and even TikTok – we will pair your brand with the perfect creator to transform your company vision into a relatable story your customers will rave about.

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User-Generated Content

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Premium Graphics & Videos


Video Production


Organic Social

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